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OfficeConneX (OCX) posses the expertise and passion to assist our clients worldwide to sustain and expand operations by delegation and implementation of bilingual support at a fraction of the cost saving valuable time and money so our clients can increase profitability, productivity and expand into new markets. Our expertise and increasing skills in the customer/client support, sales, accounting, technology, marketing continue to produce reoccurring invaluable success for our clients.

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OfficeConneX (OCX) is ready to assist you and watch you grow! We understand time is money and the importance of a bottom line so OCX offers different services and packages tailored to your needs and budget to assist you with just that. Don't delay and call us today!

real estate planning

OfficeConneX Transaction Coordinator (TC)
English and Spanish

An OfficeConneX Transaction Coordinator (TC) is a real estate Virtual Assistant who manages all the paperwork and contingencies including inspections, appraisal, financing, HOA/Condo Deadlines involved in a real estate transaction in English and Spanish.

$197 per transaction

real estate transaction
customer and client management

OfficeConneX  Virtual Assistant (VA)
English and Spanish

OfficeConneX Bilingual Virtual Assistants (VA) are dedicated and trained to grow your business by maintain customer/client relationships, creating opportunities within your existing/current database by following up with past/present/future customers/clients, documenting procedures and resolutions for improved business performance, managing all your inbound/outbound calls and improve your customer service response time by answering phone calls, emails and messages quickly and providing information as requested and more!

Starting out at $797*/month

customer and client management icon

OfficeConneX Virtual Assistant Recruiter

OfficeConneX Virtual Assistant Recruiter (VAR) are highly detail oriented recruiters who are trained to seek/vet and hire on your behalf the best freelance virtual assistants (VA) within your budget and employee qualifications from around the world who possess the work ethic qualities that compliment your business needs and wants starting at


customer icon

USA Employee/Contractor Assistant

The compensation of a USA based employee or contractor hired as an assistant based on national averages*
*according to

OfficeConneX Assistant

Our OfficeConnex Real Estate Virtual Assistants (VA) are bilingual in Spanish and English and are skilled at handling your daily tasks, such as preparing and handling sales contracts, listing agreements, addendum, and contingency documents, working with your existing database to find opportunities, following up with leads, making inbound and outbound calls, and more.

Full-Time Employee

Full Time Employee
+ State/Federal Taxes
+ Social Security Taxes
+ Medicare Tax
+ Employee Benefits
& More!

OfficeConneX Assistant

Full-Time OfficeConneX Virtual Assistant
8 hr / day*
40 hr / week
*With a 6 month subscription, or $1,797 without subscription

Part-Time Employee

Part Time Employee
+ State/Federal Taxes
+ Social Security Taxes
+ Medicare Tax
+ Employee Benefits
& More!

Part-Time OfficeConneX Assistant

Part-Time OfficeConneX Virtual Assistant
4 hr / day*
20 hr / week
*With a 6 month subscription, or $997 without subscription

Part-Time Employee

Independent Contractor
+ Employment contracts
+ Autonomy

Part-Time OfficeConneX Assistant

Transaction Coordinator
Per transaction - No subscription

Hourly Packages*
1 hr / daily package
2 hr / daily package
3 hr / daily package
4 hr / daily package

*Hourly packages must be used between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.and hours do not roll over

Languages We Speak

  • English
  • Spanish
  • More languages coming soon

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